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We welcome you all year round.

Experience our sauna, located at Narvik Harbor Pier 2.

Our location is a 10-minute walk south from the center of Narvik, follow the main street down towards Narvik harbour.


Usually available parking on the wharf for our guests arriving by car.

You'll find us here

We ask our guests to respect a minimum dress code, which includes a swimsuit/bikini or swimming shorts.

The guests understand and accept that use of the sauna and swimming in the sea is at their own risk. It is strongly recommended to assess one's own health and physical condition before using the facilities.

Practical info

Book an appointment

You can book an appointment any weekday in available slots on our booking page.


The sauna is approved for 12 people, but we allow a maximum of 10 at a time in the communal sauna. You will see information on the booking page if there are several people who have booked at the same time as you. ​

In the communal sauna, you buy single tickets where you share the sauna with others. 

Book the whole sauna

If you want to book the whole sauna, either for yourself or as a company, you choose all 10 places and whether you want 1 or 2 hours. You can also press the button below.


This will give a reduced price compared to single tickets for 2 hours.


With a monthly subscription, you will be able to pay a fixed price per month, and then make as many bookings as you want, but a maximum of 1 booking at a time. ​


We offer a maximum of 100 subscribers of this type and we will use the first-come, first-served principle


Give someone the sauna experience as a gift. Buy gift cards here. ​


With a gift card, you enter a desired amount and then receive a code that can be used to book an appointment in the sauna.


With a monthly subscription, you pay a fixed price per month. This option will pay off if you use the sauna for more than 15 hours a month.

A maximum of 100 subscriptions are offered per month.

About us

Arctic Sauna is a business in Narvik that offers sauna hire with the option of refreshing sea bathing, available to permanent residents and visitors from all corners of the world.

We are proud to showcase our wonderful nature to all visitors, while at the same time we want to create a lasting excitement among our fellow citizens.

Enjoy a unique experience by combining sauna activities with sea bathing - whether it's under the northern lights in the dark, in the midnight sun in midsummer, or whatever the weather.

We greatly appreciate feedback. Please do not hesitate to email us if there is anything we can improve to make your experience even better.

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